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Personal Umbrella Policy

While the homeowners and personal auto policy provide sufficient personal protection for most losses, substantial claims sometimes require an additional layer of protection. The additional protection is found in a Personal Umbrella Policy.


Underlying Policies


Because Personal Umbrella Policies are designed to provide additional coverage, insurance companies require certain primary or underlying coverages with at least a specific minimum limit of liability. An underlying policy that provides primary coverage and includes the following:


  • Personal Auto Policy

  • Homeowners Policy or Personal Liability Policy

  • Watercraft Policy

  • Recreational Vehicle Liability Policy


Reasons to Buy


  • Peace of Mind - Unfortunately, society is extremely litigious. Aside from possible defense coverage, a Personal Umbrella Policy provides additional asset protection if the insured is involved in a catastrophic loss.

  • Higher Limits - The Umbrella Policy is designed to pay large claims. The Personal Umbrella Policy usually has a limit of $1,00,000 or more. They are usually sold in $1,000,000 increments.

  • Broader Coverage - Sometimes the Personal Umbrella Policy provides broader coverage. It may be less restrictive, coverage a larger territory or have broader definitions.

  • Michigan No Fault Reform – With the recent changes to Michigan’s No Fault Reform you will have an increased risk of an auto related lawsuit. 


The Personal Umbrella Policy is the best value in the insurance industry. It includes some of the broadest coverage at an incredibly low price.

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